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A counseling session.
Counseling and Education

Since 2012, New Leaf Services has provided Anger Management Counseling and Education for clients who have difficulty controlling their anger.

We do this by helping our clients understand their difficult emotions and learn methods to control those difficult emotions to avoid harmful outbursts.


Our approach in working with all our clients is rooted in the following three principles.

1. Encourage an acceptance of responsibility for one's emotions and actions.

2. Seek to nurture confidence that personal change is possible. 

3. Improve communication skills with oneself and others to promote better problem solving.


We start building on these principles by providing education about anger and how emotions happen within the mind and body. It is our hope that this knowledge will work to inspire confidence that change is possible.

The combining of education and inspiration can result in a genuine motivation to make real world change as the client learns and applies the skills covered during each session.


The ultimate result being that that our clients achieve their goals and vision of the life they want for themselves, their loved ones, and the future they see for themselves.

> New Leaf Services is an approved provider of Anger Management Counseling and Education classes for the Hidalgo County Probation Department and Court System.

> We also work with various businesses in providing Anger Management Counseling and Education training for employees who have difficulty on the job because of their anger outbursts.


> A certificate and letter of completion will be provided to all mandated clients as proof of compliance upon completion of all sessions and payment in full of all course fees.

> We can also work with individuals who have not been mandated but recognize that they need help changing.

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